No one should miss out!  Please find our options for diabetics and those who prefer lower sugar or fat-free alternatives to ice cream and sorbets below.  We hope they will allow everyone to treat themselves to a delicious frozen dessert.

Suitable for Diabetics

Diabetic Ice Cream Yarde Farm

Diabetic Vanilla:

With a creamy rich vanilla flavour made with less sugar, with a more refined taste, Yarde Farm's delicious Diabetic Vanilla is made with a special recipe that is more suitable to the dietary needs of diabetics.  Missing out on ice cream is no fun at all. Make their day seriously good!

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Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen Natural Yoghurt:

Join the growing trend by adding our Frozen Natural Yoghurt to your scooping options and smoothies.  Add fruit, granola and other toppings to create exciting flavour combinations.

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